General Information

General Details and Information about Sri Lanka

Official Name

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Geographic Coordinate (Sri Lanka Location)

Grid Reference:

Total Area:
Coast Line:
Political Capital:
Commercial Capital:
National Languages:
Other Languages:

Latitude and Longitude 6-10 to the North, 80-82 to the East (South East of India in the Indian Ocean)
65,610 km2 , 25,332 sq mi (Source Wikipedia)
1340 Km
Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte
20,653,000 Male: 10,249,000 Female: 10,404,000
Sinhala and Tamil
English is widely spoken everywhere

Population By Ethnic Groups (Census 2001 000’: Total 16,930
Sinhalese 13,876, Sri Lankan Tamils 732, Indian Tamils 855, Sri Lankan Moors 1,339, Burghers and Eurasians 35, Malays 55, Others 37
Religious Diversity (Census 2001 000’s: Buddhist 12,986.6, Hindu’s 1,312.9, Islam 1,435.9, Roman Catholic & Christian 1,185.9, Others 8.4
Highest Mountain: Mount Pedro (Popularly known as Pidurutalagala)
Northern End: Point Pedro Southern End: Point Dondra (Dewundara Thuduwa)
Export Commodities: Apparels (Ready Made Garments), Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Many Varieties of Spices (Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, Cloves, Nut Meg, Saffron, Turmeric and Chilies are just a few of those).

Essential Notes and Information for Tourist & Travelers Visiting Sri Lanka

Time Zone
5 ½ Hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+5 ½)

Power Sources Voltage Requirements: 220/240 Volts AC, 50Hz. Round three-pin plugs are used and at some places the square three pin plug is used. Multi Sockets and Universal Adapters are available in most hotels but for long term use its advisable to purchase one from a electrical store or supermarket.

GSM Network: 900

Currency: Sri Lanka Rupee ‘Rs.’ Rs. 1 = 100 Cents.

Service Charge & Tips

Generally a service charge of 10% is added by all restaurant & hotels to the bill. Still as a custom a small tip is well appreciated exceeding more than a US $ 1 and up to even 10% of the bill.

Travelers Cheques

Accepted by banks and by approved money exchange places with a 1% stamp duty and with a small commission.

Hiring Cars & Vehicles

It is always recommended to use a ‘Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority’ registered ‘In Bound Tour Operator’ (Travel Agencies) to arrange your round tour. The agency must use an approved (Licensed) Chauffeur/Guide.
There are many reputable metered Taxi companies. All those details together with rent a car companies can be read in Hiring Cars and Vehicles Section.
All other information with regard to contact numbers of vital institutions Bus, Cars or Trains Services can be read in useful links and contact numbers.