Tour Operators in Sri Lanka?

Tips To Select Tour Operator in Sri Lanka

It’s very easy today specially with the web based information to search for a tour operator. Both large and SME operators invest in developing their website and social media marketing. Tourist can get confused when trying to figure out, whom to select. Some companies can be unregistered with websites. So let us guide you in the best way to select.

By visiting the SLTDA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority) web site or by clicking on the link below

Only the SLTDA registered tour operators are members of the Sri Lanka Inbound Tour Operators Association in Sri Lanka.

Once you get the contacts form this directory, just by sending a simple inquiry the guest can get down their itineraries with cost. Since your holiday is important to you, always do not go by the price. Look or inquire in details about hotels, vehicles, tour staff, restaurants, excursions and finally and the most important item registrations, licenses and insurance.

Most companies have an insurance policy to cover their guest and some may have a professional indemnity cover to cover the full business. Last but not least asking for reference is another way you can check their ability to deliver the real value. Some will do this by looking at the supplier’s social media, for example the total number of likes and followers.