Investment Opportunities


Investment Opportunities and Why Invest In Sri Lanka?

Since ancient times Sri Lanka’s geographically location has made her play a key role as a trading hub. It has been a part of the “Silk Road” since trade developed with civilization. After the end of a 30 year war, the political climate has been changing to attract investors from all over the world.

Sri Lanka has a national plan now put in place to develop this country as the central economic regional hub ranging from Aviation, Commercial, Energy, Knowledge, Maritime and Tourism. Sri Lanka is probably the only country in the world with free trade agreements with both neighbors India and Pakistan. Simultaneously other agreements are in place with China, America and the European Union covering a major portion of the world population.

Since the end of the war, Sri Lanka has a continues consistent economic growth with a very attractive business environment. With the highest literacy rate in the region, Sri Lanka’s well educated, qualified and skilled work force is a great asset to all investors and also the best in the region.

The country is developing its infrastructure in par with the developing business environment. These infrastructure developments will serve the major Air Traffic routes with Aviation services and maritime routes with shipping services.

The BOI (Board of Investment) in Sri Lanka helps to start up businesses with all privileges, which include Tax concessions. Lankians business specialist can help you get started and also help you find the correct partner or investment.

Currently to go along with the planned developments by the government, we assist and advise in projects ranging from Tourism, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, IT and BPO, Education, Agriculture, Fisheries, Petroleum and Oil exploration.

“The Art of Investment” program is dedicated to teach new investors how to start investing in the stock market (Colombo Stock Exchange) in Sri Lanka. For more information please contact our business team.