Food & Drinks

Sri Lankan Food & Drinks

Authentic Sri Lankan food is uniquely distinctive from the rest of the world. Although rice takes the place of the main meal, the style of cooking rice and side dishes varies at different parts of the country. Southerners believe there style is greater and while the northerners believe the opposite.

“Matara Bath Kade” is the terms used by the Southerners at their Restaurants and Takeaways. “Saiver” is a term used for South Indian or traditionally Jaffna Restaurants. The Kandyans (Middle Country) has their own style of cooking and dishes.

Apart from Rice & Curry, String Hoppers, Pittu, Hoppers and Pol Roti is very commonly available and eaten during breakfast and dinner. The Tamil communities in the hill and in the north and east eat many varieties of South Indian food such as Thosai, Vadai, Idly, Parota and Gothanbara Roti with sambol and Sambaru (Vegetable Curry).

Similarly many varieties of sweets and desserts are also available. More details of food and recipes are available in the links given below.

King Coconut (Thabili) and Coconut water is another favorite instant drink available at many places. The Coconut and Palmyrah trees are used to tap toddy (Local Brew of Alcohol) when carefully fermented.