Body & Mind Wellness

Traditional Sri Lankan Mind and Body Treatments, locally known as “Ayurveda” (Herbal) Treatments.


Head Massage (Shiro Abhyanga)
Oil is massaged into the head, and is absorbed into the scalp through the roots of the hair. This nourishes, lubricates, and strengthens the hair roots and the skin of the scalp preventing hair loss and premature greying. It improves circulation to the head, relaxing the muscles and nerve fibres.

Facial Massage (Muka Abhyanga)
This massage sequence draws on the ancient wisdom of the ayurvedic systems and works locally and reflexively: locally, to improve the skin and uplift the face and reflexively to relax and deeply nourish the whole body.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (Griiva/Skandah)
Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress-related conditions as the neck and the shoulder area is so often stiff and tense.

Foot Massage (Pada Abhyanga)
During this massage, special attention is focused on the “tender spots” of the feet. A reflect effect on the internal organs is created as well as a combined soothing and invigorating effect.

Powder Massage (Udvartana)
Udvartana means to elevate or to promote, due to the treatment’s ability to improve the body condition by cleansing the skin and increasing body circulation.

Whole Body Massage (Abhyanga)
The whole body massage is always given with different types of oil depending on the body type (i.e. vata, pitta, kapha, or a combination). It is very beneficial for general rejuvenation, skin and musculo-skeletal conditioning or problems such as obesity, body aches and pains. A steam or a herbal bath is recommended for complete relaxation. The calming synergy of ayurveda oils and deep massage strokes relax the mind and soothe the body.

This is a highly effective rejuvenation technique where oil is poured on to the body. Piccichil is a very special form of massage which involves the continuous dripping of oil on to the body from a piece of cloth dipped in oil, while the masseur massages the body with soft, gentle strokes without exerting too much pressure. This particular treatment must be performed under medical supervision.

Herbal Steam Bath (Vashpa Swedha)
There are various forms of treatment to effect sudation. Of all the ayurvedic techniques known to heat the body, the steam bath is the most widely used. This poorva karma method is one of the oldest traditional ways of deeply cleansing the skin. The body is enclosed in a steam box leaving the head exposed.

Navarakizhi involves the fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice tied up in linen bags. The treatment rice is cooked in milk and a herbal decoction. The boluses are again dipped into more warm, herbal milk and applied all over the body after a gentle massage.

Body Wrap (Shariira Ubtan)
Specially prepared herbal paste is applied all over the body, revitalizing body tissues. This treatment is excellent for sunburn and dry, damaged skin.

Shirovasti is considered more of a palliative (Shamana) treatment than an eliminative (Shodana) one. The treatment is usually preceded by oleation (Snehana) and sudation (Swedana).

Pichu Pichu and Shirovasti are theoretically the same except for the modes of application, which vary slightly. Both treatments are for conditions affecting the region above the neck, especially due to an imbalance of the Vata doshas. Pichu is also used to treat some ailments of the cranial nerves. A herbal bath may follow pichu treatments.

Urovasti Urovasti is administered to the uras or the chest to treat pain in the sternum. As in Kativasti, a small receptacle is made on the chest with black gram paste. Oil is poured into this and allowed to remain there for some time.

Herbal Bags (Upanaha Swedha)
An Upanahasweda or poultice is a local application of a medicinal paste to treat pain associated with swelling. A medicinal paste is prepared out of various substances and then applied to the affected part of the body.

The central portion of the body is called Kati. Vasti implies a container. Kativasti is an effective therapy for Katisula, which is the term for lower backache or stiffness or pain felt along the back. The effected area may be gently massaged with the same treatment oil. Following kativasti, the guest is advised to rest for a short while.

Herbal Snana (Bath) Cleansing the surface of our body is considered to be a sacred ritual in many parts of Asia. The body is prepared for bathing with an oil massage. Ayurvedic baths help to eliminate toxins from the body, promote resilience, reduce stiffness, soften the skin and are effective for certain skin conditions too.

Shiro Dhara
Shiro Dhara is the process of running a fine stream of warm ayurvedic oils on the “third eye” area of the forehead for a period of approximately 45 minutes a day for a period of 3 days.

This is a traditional rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment which utilises heated compresses or boluses filled with fresh and dried herbs ranging from seeds, flowers, leaves, stems and roots.

Signature Treatments

Exotic Body Glow – Vera Thavaruma
A complete body treatment that revitalises skin tissue; relieving stressed skin and stimulating new skin growth.

In Harmony With Nature – Chavya Lankaraya
This massage uses a specially formulated gel polish enriched with ayurvedic oils and is both physically and emotionally stimulating.

Natures Face Lift – Vakthra Shudhi
This face treatment is ideal for rejuvenating skin that is wrinkled, dehydrated, dull, oily or blemished.

Foot Soother – Padha Lankaraya
The ultimate soothing treatment for those tired and stressed feet, stimulating the body’s own healing and balancing process.

Body Polish – Preenanaya
Glow is the keyword for this deep cleansing exfoliating treatment.

Stress Relief – Shirochikithsa
This treatment is designed to ease away tension by focusing on areas of tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Slimming – Kaayala Guthwaya
This treatment provides the combined effects of both slimming and toning of your body.

Ayur Full Body Wrap
Discover what ancient Sri Lankan royalty knew centuries ago. The Anarva Full Body Wrap gently removes aches and brings instead a state of deep relaxation and wellness into your very being.
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